Excursions in Australia

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The Australian tourist is called the most courageous because he is not afraid of long flights, heat, or frightening waves on the ocean coast in search of beauty, attractions and entertainment. Excursions in Australia open the world of the fantastic nature of the Green Continent, the Great Barrier Reef archipelagoes, endless ocean expanses, modern architectural masterpieces of Sydney, Canberra or Melbourne.

Nature in Australia

It is important to note that, given the long distances, all excursion routes pass by car or combine crossings and pedestrian areas. Among the most interesting places in Australia, the best is the so-called Red Center. The duration of the trip depends on the wishes of the tourists; it can last from 1 to 4 days, cost from $ 150.

There are several options — for example, a two-day tour departing from Ayers Rock. On the first day, the guests will be taken to the Royal Canyon, where they can walk along the canyon, get acquainted with the ancient rock paintings left by the aborigines, a romantic sunset on Uluru. The second day you can start with a meeting of the dawn on Uluru or a walking tour of Ayers Rock. During the day, climb the mountains or go on a journey to the sacred rocks, whose name “Kata Tzhuta” translated from the local dialect is “A lot of heads.”

The longest route through the Red Center lasts four days, begins in the city of Alice Springs, ends at Ayers Rock. The tour starts with a walk through the town and sightseeing. Then the tourist group will go through the beautiful, inaccessible places where the aborigines previously lived.

City Tours

A walk through Sydney will cost $ 60 per person, and certain sights will be offered to visitors. You can get acquainted with the city briefly in 4 hours. In more detail, this wonderful metropolis is offered in 8 hours. Among the main tourist sites is the Sydney Opera House, which resembles a beautiful sailboat overlooking the open sea. Second place is the Harbor Bridge, which is the largest in Sydney and Australia overall.

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