Holidays of Australia

Holidays of Australia

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Holidays in Australia are noisy and fun performances, accompanied by carnivals, fairs, and fireworks. There is even a position in the country which is called the Minister of Fire and Fireworks!

Major Australian Holidays

Australia Day. On January 26, you can visit parades and regattas, admire the grand fireworks, and in the city of Perth – light shows. On this day, Australians and guests of the country go to Sydney to attend a music festival, or to Adelaide to attend a cricket match.

New Year. On January 1, Australians celebrate with a particular scale in the state capitals. Entertainment takes place right under the open sky. Thus, in the Sydney Harbor at midnight, the world’s largest fireworks are launched. Light representations are given enchanting names, such as “Diamond Night in the Emerald City.” It is best to contemplate this sight, rising to the observation deck Sydney Tower.

Chinese New Year. Festivals and celebrations are held in Australia for 15 days, including Dragon Dance. During this period, it is customary to go in red dresses, launch firecrackers, and give children happy coins. And the festivities end with the Lantern Festival. In the temples, numerous lanterns act as decorations, with which everyone rushes to the evening parade.

Easter. Festivals are organized in honor of the holiday; for example, the Royal Easter Fair is held in Sydney. On holiday, it is customary to exchange chocolate or sugar eggs.

Event tourism in Australia

Going on an event tour, you will be able to attend the Music and Dance Festival, the Sydney-Hobart International Yacht Race, the Comedy Festival, the Melbourne International Festival, the Country Music Festival, the Australian Open tennis tournament, etc.

So, in January you can come to the Sydney festival to attend street performances, sporting events, go to the Sydney opera premiere, see a grand military parade, theater, music and circus performances.

Gourmets in travel agencies will be advised to go to the Wine and Food Festival in Melbourne. Here you will meet famous chefs, restaurateurs, winemakers, and taste delicious and healthy dishes. Besides, during the festival, everyone is invited to go on an excursion to the wine cellars.

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