How to get Australian citizenship

How to get Australian citizenship

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It is not often possible to hear the question of how to get Australian citizenship because not everyone is ready for such a radical lifestyle change. For many, the green continent remains mysterious and even dangerous territory, the country of kangaroos, spiders, and snakes.

In fact, Australia is a fairly young and rapidly developing country. Therefore, the authorities are interested in increasing the number of the working-age population. Therefore more than 100 types of different visas for immigrants have been introduced, and under certain conditions, it is possible to obtain Australian citizenship.

How to get Australian citizenship

According to statistics, a quarter of the population in Australia does not have citizenship for one reason or another. Since the visa system is fairly simple and transparent, many immigrants do not even think about changing their status and obtaining citizenship, which entails the acquisition of certain duties.

To obtain the status of a full citizen of Australia, the law passed in 1948 must guide you. There are four ways of obtaining citizenship are registered:

  • Birth on the Australian continent;
  • The adoption of a child from another country by citizens of Australia;
  • Origin.

Each of the methods has its own characteristics and mechanisms, takes into account certain dates and events. For immigrants, the initial award of citizenship is essential. It cannot start from scratch. The person has the right to apply for a new status if he has lived in Australia for a certain period and at the same time was in the status of a permanent resident of the country, that is, was the owner of an indefinite Australian visa.

Moreover, special attention should be paid to the period of stay on the Australian continent. Firstly, there should be a total of four years. Secondly, he must be in the status of a permanent resident with a visa issued. Absence in the country is allowed, but within certain limits, that is, no more than 12 months for four years, and no more than three months for the last year.

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