Who are Australians in their essence and way of life?

Who are Australians in their essence and way of life?

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They are tourists and travelers, unlike the Russians – summer residents and gardeners.

Australia has no concept of a “summer cottage”!

That’s right, why bend your back in the garden on your weekends? This is your weekend! It is much nicer to lie on the beach on weekends, or to fry meat and drink beer in the forest or on the river. Is not it? Australians traditionally follow the Australian motto: “Enjoy and relax!” It is impossible for them to explain what the term means: “collecting the Colorado potato beetle on its days off in its own garden at plus 40 Celsius.” On weekends, God himself ordered (who does not believe – look once more in the Bible) to relax and enjoy.

Here is such an annual exhibition on “improving the quality of pleasure and relaxation” is held in Sydney at the Rosehill Hippodrome. All, or almost all, appliances, equipment, offers from travel agencies are presented at the stands and squares of this exhibition. Tents, sleeping bags, boots, jackets, fishing rods, backpacks, barbecue shops – (open the tourist encyclopedia) – is invisible. Everything is here! Most importantly, everything offered at the exhibition is sold not at “sky-high” prices, but at absolutely affordable prices for any person, including senior citizens and part-time students!

The whole floor of the huge complex is reserved for the stands of travel agencies. Walking along this floor, you understand that Australia is not the notorious kangaroo, crocodiles and natives! Australia actually consists of hotels, villas, hotels, campsites, bungalows, pools, bubble baths, chefs, fried meat, shrimp, lobster, wine, double beds, air conditioning, trimmed grass and … – sea, yachts . And that is the absolute truth. Presented at the exhibition are “three million travel companies” and each company has “three hundred and three offers” for every taste.

Mostly tours are offered for 3 days and two nights or a week for families. Everyone has problems with a choice, that is, they can’t decide in any way where to go. Those families in which both adults work full time (family annual income is AUD 100,000 or more) are regular customers of such firms. On Friday, you board a plane and have dinner with your family on the “barrier reef” or in New Zealand. Saturday and half of the Resurrection – relax and travel. On Sunday evening – a plane, and on Monday morning – to work. Next weekend – you get into the car and head to the nearest country hotels (1-3 hours drive), or with a tent and a portable fridge of meat and beer in the forest. They worked for a couple of weeks — again, traveling somewhere further away — into the desert, for example. Once every three or six months, weekly or fortnightly trips are made to some other countries. This is a typical life of a middle-class family of Australians (two parents work full time). Not a single person has even the slightest thought – to take a shovel and go dig your garden on your weekend.

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